Meet the Morris

Beverley Folk Festival



Meet the Morris

Throughout the weekend the streets of Beverley town centre come to life with dance teams mixing traditional and contemporary styles.

Prepare for an amazement of sheer colour, technique, energy, and wit.
The dancers really spark the atmosphere of the festival and bring a smile to everyone’s faces.
They also appear through the weekend on the festival site… whether you hear or see them first.

Please meet our 2017 Dance teams:

Beverley Garland


Beverley Garland Dancers is a team from East Yorkshire. It was established over 30years ago in the small village of Middleton on the Wolds but now is based in the historic market town of Beverley.

Our style of dancing is North West Clog and many of our dances bear the names of Lancashire villages however we also have a repertoire of dances which are specific to our area and our team.

We dance not only with garlands but also with sticks, bobbins and handkerchiefs and we can be recognised by our royal blue dresses, light blue pinafores and red tights.

Because we are a friendly team we are happy to welcome everyone to our Thursday evening practice sessions in the Minster Parish Hall, so whether you are a dancer, musician or would just like to watch what we do, please come along!

For further details, please contact Angela Harley (Captain) Tel 01377 271514 or Pauline Russell (secretary) Tel 01482 846246

Earlsdon Morris Men

Earlsdon Morris Men are a North West clog side who formed in Coventry in 1971. Our repertoire includes traditional dances originating from the counties of Lancashire and Cheshire, and our own dances in the same style. We are a sociable group who like to dance, sing, travel and be merry. Please visit our website:

Flamborough Longsword Junior Team

The fishing village of Flamborough is home to a longsword tradition still practiced locally today. The dance was traditionally performed a few days before and after Christmas by local fishermen, with an appropriate costume of dark blue jerseys and cloth caps, white trousers and black shoes.

The present youth team was put together in the Autumn term 2015 when members of the Flamborough Longsword dancers came to Flamborough Head Primary School to teach the sword dance to the children after a gap of a few years. The lessons took off and lots of children were very enthusiastic about it. The team first performed on Boxing Day with the adult team and then again when the Archbishop of York came to visit the school in January 2016. In October 2016 the team took part in the Sword Dance Union Long Sword Tournament where they won the youth competition.

Hadrian Clog


Hadrian Clog, based in the Tyne Valley, we perform traditional clog and hard shoe dances from the North East of England and beyond. Our repertoire include steps from the North East, Lancashire, Scotland and Canada… and we are always on the look out for new ones! We pride ourselves on dancing all steps with energy and passing on the tradition to our younger dancers. We’re looking forward to dancing at Beverley for the first time.

Harlequin Morris

We are Harlequin Morris, a tribute to what we see as living traditions from the Cotswolds, that are exciting, energetic and uplifting for dancers and audience members. The side was formed in June 2013 by a small group of friends from around the country, who wanted to learn and dance more difficult and challenging traditions in a polished manner. The side dress in an array of different coloured shirts, black and white ribbons and black waistcoats, so we hope this will help you spot us from a distance!

Leeds Morris Men

Leeds Morris Men are a Morris Dancing cotswold side from Leeds in West Yorkshire. We have been morris dancing for several decades, and mainly dance out in kit in the summer months. We dance out in several locations mainly outside pubs around the Leeds area, and various festivals and weekends. We dance for the public’s enjoyment, for other morris dancers, and also for ourselves.

The Leeds Morris Men kit consists of black shoes, white socks, white shirt and trousers with a baldrick in Leeds University colours of white, burgundy and green. Most wear a burgundy waistcoat and many wear a straw hat decorated with ribbons, dried, fresh or artificial flowers and badges. The waistcoat carries an embroidered badge showing the Leeds owl from the city’s coat of arms

Mons Meg Rapper

The Mons Meg bombard is a massive cannon in Edinburgh which was used to interfere with the affairs of the English between 1454 and 1541. Mons Meg Rapper, Scotland’s premiere rapper sword dance team, can also be expected to blow away an audience. Founded in Edinburgh in 2008, their majestic sweeps, swooshes and beer-swilling skills are guaranteed to swashbuckle all beholders.

Pig Dyke Molly

Pig Dyke Molly comes from where Molly dancing came from and has taken its local tradition by the scruff of its neck, shaken it a bit and hopes to entertain Beverley audiences with fast and vigorous Molly, presented in GLORIOUS black  and white.  We hope you will be intrigued, laugh a bit, learn about Victorian velcro, the moral turpitude characteristic of the Fens, the plughole which drained them,  and marvel at the Pole dance, traditional in our area since 2004.  For more, see



Rackaback is a mixed border team based in Hull, East Yorkshire.  We formed in January 2011 and have built up a repertoire of traditionally inspired Border Morris dances with our own Rackaback twists. We dance to music played on traditional ‘morris’ instruments including accordion, concertina and melodeon to well know folk melodies and newly composed tunes. More information about us at


Banner Photo Credit: Allan Wilkinson Photography


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